Rates, Estimates, & Processing

Shop Rate: $100 per hour, one hour ($100) minimum bench fee per item. Some exceptions are made for certain very small jobs, such as battery changes in certain units. The bench charge is applied towards the final invoice. Time is billed in 15 minute increments.

Estimates: Many routine jobs can be completed in 1-3.5 hours or so. Less routine repairs can take longer. Restorations can take weeks of time. Due to the nature of vintage synthesizer repair, there is factually no way that we can know much your bill will be (billed by the hour) until it’s finished, but a ballpark estimate is usually provided. Yes, we also wish we knew exactly how much it will cost. No, we will not work for free because your gear is stubborn. Parts are not free.

Parts: Parts are not free. I can’t believe we have to write that. Parts are never included in our estimates unless it’s explicitly noted. Repair parts (this is different from accessories) provided by customer must be approved and arranged before hand and provided with unit on drop off. In the case of retrofits and the like, it’s of course fine to provide that with your unit. We stock over 2000 parts, rare and common, and price them fairly considering we are able to test them for their authenticity. Yes, some specific integrated circuits can be quite expensive. We assure you our $80 chip will work and that the $15 one on ebay is very likely to be a fake.

Communication: We are dealing with dozens of active clients at any given time, thusly, we are encouraging prospective and current customers to communicate with us via email which we guarantee will be answered within 3 business days. Please do not call unless it is urgent. 

Rush Fees: We are able to offer rush services on routine work that we assume will not involve days of troubleshooting. Our rush rate is $125 per hour plus a $125 surcharge added to your bill. If you would like to borrow the same or similar gear from our rental suite while you wait for your rush order, we will charge 50% of the estimate up front plus all surcharges.

3rd party billing is not an option for rush orders. A valid debit/credit card must be on file to be billed immediately.

Turnaround Times: We know this is one of the most important factors before choosing a shop to work on your gear. We are blessed to be entrusted by thousands locally and worldwide to provide top notch service, and with that has come great trial and error to solve the issue of turn around. While “first come first serve” would be ideal in a perfect world, it surely doesn’t work for a repair shop with the clients we are so lucky to serve. So, we have an interesting turn around system that is unlike any other shop in the world. With our never ending work load, we offer turn around based on 3 different “levels” or “tiers” based on your isolated or recurring needs as a client. 

Gold Tier:
The gold tier is for our most demanding of clients. This is the first class lounge of synth work. This tier is for those who make a living with vintage synth gear and downtime is not an option. It’s also ideal for our b2b clients who rely on our services for their services, i.e, rental houses, resellers, etc.

In this tier level, your gear is worked on essentially as it arrives. This means that turn around can be days/weeks instead of months/year. There is no mystery or fine print: your gear is worked on before the gear of others. You are paying for the privilege.

To qualify for this tier, a multi thousand dollar retainer must be paid to us (similar to a lawyer). The retainer is used hourly as we work on your gear. When the retainer is low, it must be refilled adequately in respects to the workload you have or are expecting to bring us.

We are only allowing 6 gold clients at this time, of which 4 slots are currently filled. (1/2020) 

Silver Tier:
We expect the majority of our current and future clientele to be in this tier. 

In this tier, the process is handled with your needs in mind. You bring in the gear, we assess the work needed and provide an estimate. You let us know when you need it back. We let you know if its realistic and adjust with you as needed. We charge a deposit of up to 80% of the estimate, and we complete the job as expected in the time frame discussed.
This tier qualifies for rush rates. If your time-line needs are faster than we can currently accommodate, we can discuss an increased labor rate to help speed it along.

Bronze Tier:
This tier is for the enthusiast who wants high quality work done to their gear. In other words, these are the people that want to work with us because we are… us!

In this tier, the client is not provided a guarantee’d turn around time. The client will receive an estimate on drop off. This tier level leaves a $100 deposit with their gear, and is welcome to pull out their gear for any reason, however the deposit will not be refunded.

Payments: We are proud to accept all types of payments including cash, credit/debit card, check, wire, paypal, cattle, and shillings. Yes, we even consider gear in trade if that suits you.
Update 11/2018: We no longer accept credit card for transactions over $5000. Cash, check, wire, or paypal must be used at the customers expense.
Pickup: Once you’re notified that your gear is finished, you should pick it up as soon as possible. Any equipment left over 2 weeks past completion will incur a $10 a day storage fee. If you request a specific date for pickup (ahead of the current schedule but outside of the above listed rush fees) and fail to pick the equipment up on that date, the rush rates will be applied to your invoice.
Scary words: It’s really easy to have a straightforward and pleasant experience having your gear repaired. While most of the above and below is standard info, some specific things were added probably because of one person who decided to be a pest. This is not a corporate entity where our customers and clients are only numbers. We are real people doing hard and good work, and deserve to be treated as if you’re dealing with real people. A positive experience is as easy as being a reasonable person. 

Who We Are

Rosen Sound is a shop focused on the highest level of repair, restoration, sale, and rental of vintage synthesizer instruments. We are located in a nondescript industrial complex on the back streets of the south east side of Burbank, California. We are comprised of humans who share a common passion for music and the high end gear used to make it. We operate under the mantra that high end instruments deserve high end treatment, and all the stops must be pulled to achieve creative synergy between the musician and the instrument. The assortment of rare and one-of-a-kind instruments within the walls of our shop is a testament to the successful recognition of that mantra.

We invite all who wish to achieve greatness for their gear to visit our shop and utilize our services.
We humbly invite those who don’t care if their gear works flawlessly to look elsewhere.

About the Owner

Rosen Sound is ran by owner/operator Rob Rosen. Born into a family of jazz and classical upright bassists, Rob was exposed to great music quite early leading to him taking up the drums. Rob discovered synthesizers in high school and put the sticks down not too long after.

Rob found his love for synthesizers from listening to bands like Rush, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Van Halen, and other keyboard/synthesizer laden heavy metal bands from Scandinavia. Although Rob listens to and appreciates synthesizer roots in classic pop and electronic records, Rob is a bonafide headbanger, and is probably the worlds biggest Iron Maiden fan.

Tech work came naturally from a young age born simply from not being able to afford repairs while playing in local bands. A career was chosen of it after the realization that he was more interested in what and how his gear was accomplishing sonic awesomeness than actually playing them, though he still is an avid player and practicer of keyboard instruments, even still playing the occasional gig in his heavy metal band.

After doing gear repair out of the garage for 5 years, Rob opened Rosen Sound as a brick & mortar in early 2014 at the original 1008 W Oak location. Today, Rosen Sound now occupies 10,000 square feet of real estate spread across 4 neighboring addresses to the original 1008 location.

Rob’s days now are comprised of working on the more gratifying electronic and restoration work that is in queue at his shop, alongside managing the day-to-day of owning a business. Other passions and activities include 3D CAD work, circuit design, being a dad, and collecting synthesizers.