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Please note we love doing custom projects and making your customization dreams come true. Before contacting us about your custom project, please understand that most custom cosmetic jobs that involve new metal work or graphics work can cost thousands of dollars and take many many months. The main reasons for this is that doing one design, setup, and tooling for one instrument is not cost effective. 

Some custom projects can exceed the worth of the instrument

Besides repair work, Rosen Sound is able to bring your customization ideas to life. Whether you are trying to keep your studio aesthetically consistent, need custom paint jobs for your world tour, or just trying to bring exclusive and individual features to your synths, Rosen Sound is your one stop shop.

Cabinet Refinishing  Is your vintage Minimoog or other wooden synth looking a little too worn and vintage? We can finish your cabinet to it’s original splendor or even a custom finish. We have all standard finishes for all the common wood cabinets for vintage synths as well as a plethora of other finishes that might turn your synth into the sexiest thing in your studio.

Custom Side Panels – We have stock and can also make all types of wood sides for your instruments. This is especially nice for older Korg and Roland synths that used particle board.. Real wood just looks that much better.

Replica Panel Graphics – No Decals, no spray paint. Just good ol’ powder coating and silk screening. We have silk screens made for many common synths and can either restore your panel graphics to their original look or offer a custom color palette. Again, no stickers, no vinyl cutouts, this is the real deal.

Custom Housings – Make your instrument fit your style. The only limit if your imagination. We can make your gear see through, wood, metal, etc.

New Replica Cabinets – If your wood is just too far gone, we are able to fabricate a new cabinet for you to meet the original specification. This also applies to small wooden pieces you may be missing. We guarantee they are just as good and stable as the originals!

Electronic Customs

To go alongside the physical modifications, electronic modifications are in abundance.

Spring Loaded Wheels – We hear it all the time – you get your first vintage synth and you are in shock that the wheel is not spring loaded like the keyboards of today. We can add spring loaded wheels to any vintage synth not featuring a springed wheel. Yes, we can make them glow in different colors too.

Controller changes –  Some are wheel people, some are joystick people. Don’t let your controllers control you. We can change your left hand controls to one or the other, with modulation options you didn’t even know were possible. Left hand controls are vital to expressive playing, and we can help you unlock your true expression.

Custom Patch Panels – We’ve turned many subtractive synths into full-blown modular systems. The and sky (and your budget) is the limit!

Internalize your external mods – Live without the dongle! Your external midi kits can often be integrated inside of your machine, power and all.

Customs Gallery

The Chromeo Rig

15 synths including 5 nords, 2 moog voyagers, Korg MS20 (vintage), 2 SH101’s + more all stripped to their core elements and chromed via the traditional nickel plating method. Plastics and woods were also legitimately chromed (actually became metal) for a complete and other world like aesthetic. After chroming, they were silk screened using custom graphics provided by Custom Synth UK.
Norlin era minimoog refinished from extremely worn light color to a much a darker finish.
EMU Emulator II w/ USB port to facilitate sample loading via computer.
ELKA Synthex w/ added internal midi.