RA Moog Minimoog

Very early Minimoog we rebuilt for a client. Pure discrete goodness!

Chromeo’s Synthex

ELKA Synthex with very strange issues we serviced for Canadian funk duo Chromeo.

Oberheim FVS

Oberheim FVS that looked better than it worked. Fully restored for composers David Glass & Brian Carr

MuSonics Minimoog

The rarest badge of the 3. Restored to be sold to superstar producer Rodney Jerkins

Yamaha CS80’s

Front and center is the CS80 belonging to Empire Of The Sun. Behind it, another CS80!

Thriller Arp 2600

Arguably the “most heard” 2600 ever. Used by Anthony Marinelli for the pitch divebomb in the beginning of Michael Jackson’s super hit “Thriller”.


We see lot’s of Jupiters. 8’s, 6’s, 4’s…. We try and seize the moment when possible.