1v/Oct – Hz/V + Ext Gate For Maxikorg/800DV


Mod kit adding CV control to the Maxikorg Synthesizer

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The Korg 800DV, also known as the Maxikorg, is one of the more unique synths, offering a sound that has not been put into any other machine.

If you’ve ever dreamed of using external sequencers and controller types with your Maxikorg, you may be disappointed to find out that the Maxi uses a CV standard that is as unique as it’s sound (it also has no external control inputs for that matter….)

With the Rosen Sound conversion circuit, this is no longer an issue. Our board will convert standard 1v/OCT CV to the Hz/V standard the Maxi uses, and also provide gate circuitry and cooperates with the synth as well.

This kit includes:
– Conversion PCB
– Mounting hardware. screws, standoffs, etc
– Mounting instructions and recommended plots
– 4 Pre-wired Jacks (either 3.5mm or 1/4″, specify at checkout)
– Trimming Instructions

Pair this with a Rosen Midi-CV converter and you can use your Maxi with midi.

Additional information

Jack Style

3.5mm, 1/4"


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