Arp 2600 CTS Slider Shafts


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Does your ARP 2600 have broken slider shafts? This is a common problem, and it’s not possible to get only a replacement shaft, until now!

These shafts are 3D printed in house using a strong plastic filament. They are made with 100% infill, implying it is a completely solid object. Additionally, since the pot’s resistive element is “top loaded”, there is an addition .005 added to the bottom of the shaft to reduce potential drop out if the pot shaft is pushed on during programming. This doesn’t change the feel of the slider at all.

These sliders are also used in the Moog Sonic Six, Moog Satellite and Minitmoog, so these will work for those too. These will fit the original slider knobs and we also sell those in 3D printed form.

A new reproduction fader is an expensive proposition, and take from our experience, they’re not that great either. If your instrument only has a broken shaft, this is a good alternative.


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