Juno 106 80017A Module Board Service


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New option! Alongside standard module board service you will find on ebay and this website, we now are proud to also offer a full set of reproduction voice chips. These reproduction chips will probably outlive you, and provide the highest level of longevity. This is not to say that the standard service isn’t a great way to go, but if you require 0 downtime in any circumstance, you might consider getting a whole new set from us including installatiion and calibration.

Chances are if your Juno 106 (or HS-60, MKS30, GR700) is acting up a bit, you need this service.
Symptoms include missing voices, crackling in the output, no filter control, etc.

Once purchased you will receive a video with instructions on how to remove the module board. It’s really quite easy! Once it’s removed, safely pack it up and ship it over to us.

In about 2 weeks, the board will be sent back after a full repair and calibration.

If there are any other issues with the board, we will contact you and discuss how to move forward. In the off chance there is a further problem, it’s probably that one of your DCO’s is bad. We do not charge extra to replace it, however we do require the part to be paid for. You’ll be contacted in that event.


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