Minimoog Trimmer Update Kit



The story is as old as bread: Your minimoog model D is in tune, and you move it to the next room and it’s out of tune…. what a drag!

This is because your mini probably has the tuning trimmer’s it shipped with. They are very old wire wound trim potentiometers that are affected by even the lightest touch. They’re extremely sensitive, and in most cases are damaged in the track area where the wiper rested for most of it’s life (the tuning “sweet spot”), which makes it near impossible to tune and scale.

Our product allows you to remove the old trimmers and add in very high quality multi-turn trimmers (included). These also still allow the trimmers to be accessed from the rear panel, even though once you put this in, you wont need to do that for quite a while!

To make it even more precise, our board also limits the amount of voltage variance available, making the adjustment even more fine.

This product includes:
– 1 PCB containing the components
– Octave Trimmer
– Installation Guide
– Trimming Procedure

Installation of this modification requires soldering. If you do not know how to solder semi-well, please defer installation to a competent technician.


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