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Product Description

We have 2 MemoryMoog’s available in our stock right now.

Before continuing, forget what you’ve read about these being unreliable. They might be, but they are NOT when we’re done with them.

We have worked on dozens of MemoryMoogs, and with that, we know exactly what has to be done in order to ensure a quality instrument and playing experience. Our MemoryMoog’s feature the following:

  • Completely recapped. This is very important, as the capacitors are always failing or close to it in these machines, causing the issues they’re known for.
  • Stabilized and upgraded power supply (original with improvements)
  • Rebuilt DMUX board – the board you don’t want to fail! The white capacitors are changed with high quality WIMA capacitors for longevity. Additionally, all of the 4051 and TL082’s are changed with new TI variants (higher quality with input protection)
  • Tuning updates to not only help the auto tune routine, but also keep the instrument in better tune between auto tuning’s.
  • Full functional rebuild as needed. New connectors and ribbons where needed
  • Restored keyboard contacts- a common fault
  • Full clean-out
  • Full calibration
  • Lifetime warranty

Note: We can add kenton midi for the cost of the kit only if the unit is purchased at asking price.

Lead time: 2-6 weeks


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