Prophet 10 Factory Midi Clone



This midi kit is a clone of the factory midi kit for the Prophet 10

Unlike other kits which are supposed to mount to the transformer with double sided tape, ours can comfortably mount on the CPU board.

There is no functional differences compared to factory midi. If you already have factory midi, this is no better! This is simply a schematic copy of the factory board. No added CC’s or anything of the sort.

Note: Due to the growing shortage of 2716 type ROM’s (though we have a solution coming for this too, in the near future), we require your 3 EPROM’s be sent to us to be reprogrammed for the midi firmware… just like the old days! if you can burn the ROM’s yourself, we can just send you the files needed.

Assembled PCB
Ribbon cable to go to CPU board
Midi Jacks
All wiring
Directions for modifying the CPU board


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