Rhodes Chroma W/ Poly AT & CC+


Product Description

Prepare for the ultimate Rhodes Chroma experience. If you are considering a Chroma, you know what you’re looking for. Besides a lack of realtime controls (which is improved with the CC+ and a midi control box) these are in the top 5 for the best sounding synths ever made.

Chroma’s are known for being a bit unreliable. However, because of the cult following the Chroma has (rightfully) gathered, there are choice upgrades that not only make them reliable instruments, but also extremely powerful and a force not to be reckoned with.

This Chroma features 2 of the most popular upgrades; the CC+ and the SMPS (switch mode power supply) which reduces weight and adds tons of reliability, as most of the chroma’s failures were power supply related. Additionally, it contains the rare polyphonic aftertouch kit, which has this even rivaling the power of the CS80 and Prophet T8.

Of course, midi is mounted on the rear.

Additionally, the channel boards (voice cards) are all rebuilt with all common failing components replaced and recapped. The unit is fully calibrated and will require very little work to be ready for the new owner.

Lead time 1-3 weeks


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