Roland Juno 106 Comission



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Finding the “ideal” Juno 106 can be a daunting process. Usually for +/- a grand, you can find a unit that will need about $300 worth of work and more if you desire mods, etc. That unit will also likely feature the original voice chips that are prone to failure sooner than later.

With this listing, we assure you an absolutely perfect working Juno 106 fully calibrated sporting the following:

  • Reproduction 80017A VCA/VCF chips in every position. This ensure absolute maximum reliability
  • Chorus Input via the patch shift jack (run other synths through the Juno’s VCA/Chorus
  • Fully restored sliders and buttons. No scratchy pots, no hard to activate buttons.
  • 3 prong IEC jack instead of Rolands original 2 prong (cable included)
  • Fully recapped and stabilized power supply
  • Flawless operating condition

When you order, you will receive an email stating we received the order and have began rebuilding a store-stocked Juno for you. Within 3 weeks, you will receive your new Juno 106.

Stop searching, stop wondering if you’re getting screwed on the ‘bay. Get an ultra stable Juno from the team that’s restored 100’s of them. You’ll get what you paid for.


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