Oberheim Four/Eight Voice

Ready for sonic ecstasy? Say hello to our Oberheim polyphonic synthesizer system. This synthesizer is one of the best sounding ever made, inflicting awe in those who explore it’s sonic potentials.

It’s not exactly ‘easy’ to program, but once you grasp the workflow (we provide a quick start manual we wrote) it will be a staple of your sessions. For those unfamiliar, each SEM module must be programmed separately and identically for one comprehensive timbre. Worth noting that there is a master filter knob.

Each SEM features a multi mode filter (which some would say is the best ever designed) and two ADS envelopes. Adequate modulation is available as well as a keyboard programmer that allows the timbres to evolve as you set them. This system features two mini sequencers for a total of 4 sequencers clocked together. Additionally, this system also has midi installed. We chose a route for midi that allows it to be controlled via MPE as well.

This polyphonic system is available in either four voices or eight voices (you asked, we delivered!). Midi is handled by a YARNS module implemented inside and is by default in polyphonic (non-cyclic) mode. In order to change keyboard modes via midi, SYSEX files (provided) must be used. If you plan to use MPE, please let us know beforehand so we can help with setup.

Special requirements for rental:
– Credit card (not debit) on file for first time renters
– Holding deposit required
– Unit must be delivered and setup by our team for a flat rate of $100 (includes delivery, pickup and setup) unless proof of adequate vehicle is provided. We do not have a hard case for this unit at this time.