Realistic MG-1

Also known as the “radioshack Moog” this synth was made by Moog music for radioshack to sell under their own brand, Realistic.

This cool little guy features two analog oscillators, a decent but sharp envelope, auto triggering, decent modulation, and even a few spare timbre’s to help get the juices flowing. Even cooler, is it features full polyphony with a cool divide-down style system. Want to get a unique sound? Pull up a filtered bass timbre and turn on the polyphony alongside the analog oscillators and play some chords. It just sounds great!

This synth is a lot more than meets the eye. Our’s has been modded with a few choice mods. For one, the left hand switches two octave switches for the analog oscillators so they can drop 1 more octave, putting this right into bass territory. Additionally, the jacks are all 1/4″ and it has midi.

Note: Midi only affects the analog oscillators and gate. It will not control the polyphonic timbre.