Sequential Circuits Prophet 10

Behold the behemoth. The Prophet 10 is just a bit more than two Prophet 5’s in one box. By utilizing two literal prophet 5 voice cards, the prophet 10 is able to layer and expand polyphony, not to mention being bi-timbral utilizing 2 61 keyboards.

Is it big? Yes, huge. But so is the inspirational “juice” you’ll milk from this beast. 1 prophet 5 is an amazing thing (it did revolutionize music forever after all), but two in one box in in either layer (two patches on one keyboard) or bi-timbral (one sound on each keyboard) unlocks a potential you didn’t even know existed. Lush evolving pads, bass and leads per keyboard, or just playing one patch with 10 voices (more than 99% of other analog synths), the possibilities are nearly endless.

Our Prophet 10 is fully rebuilt and functional, stays in tune after a 5 minute warmup, includes MIDI, and comes with a CV pedal to allow full expression. Additionally, it features some switches on the top that allow the pitch and mod wheels to be disabled per keyboard or active on both.

Special requirements for rental:
– Credit card (not debit) on file for first time renters
– Holding deposit required
– Unit must be delivered and setup by our team for a flat rate of $100 (includes delivery, pickup and setup) unless proof of adequate vehicle is provided. We do not have a hard case for this unit at this time.