Synth Rentals

The finest selection of vintage synthesizer instruments available in Los Angeles

All of our machines are meticulously maintained and restored to full operation, and often beyond. Each was chosen for their notoriety as holy grails. These are the model years and revisions you have only read about. Now these are available to you at your leisure, with cartage to and from our door to yours.

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More Info

  • Rentals are charged per day or 4 day week (pay for 4 days, keep synths for 7)
  • Cartage is $50 per hour
  • Billing handled via our secure intuit system. Deposit may be required for private parties. We can accept PO’s
  • Cartage guy knows our synths well and can help set them up and answer questions
  • We have beater and shell units available for your filming needs
  • Electric Pianos, Organs, Etc, are available on an incidental basis

Why Rent From Us

  • Our synths work! Besides offering synth rentals, we are also the premier synth tech shop in Los Angeles. Our stock instruments are a testament to our work quality
  • Our staff and runners know our synths inside and out, and can assist you in setting up the synths in your session appropriately from the right cables to the complementing preamp & compressor
  • We have the right revisions and mods. No mod has been added that changes the sound fundamentally, and were only added because they’re “expected” for a good user experience.
  • Most of our synths have midi added, or come with a midi conversion box. There’s some exceptions of course
  • Try before you rent! We keep our top shelf synths ready to play in our studio next door to our shop. If you’re not sure, come try it out!

The Arsenal


ARP 2600 W/ 3620 Keyboard. Fitted with coveted 4012 ladder filter & 4017 oscillators

ARP Odyssey Rev 2 W/ Pitch Knob & CV/Gate Jacks


Polysix W/ Midi & Kiwi Upgrade


MiniMoog 1974 W/ Temperature Stability Updates & Dedicated LFO. Midi-CV ready

MemoryMoog Plus LAMM / Upgraded with LAMM features including stereo outputs & midi

The Rogue W/ PW Control

Prodigy W/ CV/Gate & Filter Jacks


OB8 W/ Page 2 graphics, Pratt & Reed keybed, & OBXa frequency response mod.

OBX 8 Voice Model W/ Oberface Midi

Four Voice Polyphonic W/ Two mini sequencers (one sequencer for each SEM, four total), external sequencer inputs, & stability modifications

Xpander W/ Xpander Xpansion


Chroma Expander W/ Midi


Jupiter 8 W/ Midi

Juno 106 W/ Chorus Input

Juno 60 W/ Midi & Chorus Input

Sequential Circuits

Prophet 5 Rev 3 W/ Midi

Pro One J-Wire Version


Yamaha DX7

Yamaha CS80

Other Gear Available:

Modern Digital Machines:
Access Virus
Korg MS200
Korg Kronos
Korg Triton Extreme
Roland Fantom X
Roland Fantom G
Roland VP-03
Yamaha Motif XF7

Effect Units:
Roland Space Echo RE 301
Maestro Phase Shifter

Drum Machines:
Roland TR-808
Oberheim DMX

Arturia Beatstep Pro
Arp 1601 Sequencer