Repairs & Restorations

Our Shop Specializes In Vintage Synthesizer Instruments

Rosen Sound is your premier destination for synthesizer service and is home to the best synth techs in the world. Our techs have experience not only in the shop but also in the studio and on stage. They know what will and will not hold up in the field.

Our techs are also great musicians, which is the achilles-heel of other shops. Our techs know how a good action feels, and how important consistency is not only on a mechanical level, but also on an audible level. Consistency from voice to voice is critical. A technician with a good and trained ear is the only way to ensure a true and musical playing experience.

We Will Work On Large & Difficult Synthesizers
We’re equipped in space and storage to take in large synthesizers such as Yamaha CS80’s and the biggest modular system you can muster up. We are experienced and ready to take in notoriously difficult synths such as the Moog MemoryMoog, Rhodes Chroma, Moog Polymoog, and Elka Synthex

We Service All Brands
Roland, Korg, Sequential Circuits, Oberheim, Moog, ARP, Yamaha, EML, PPG, Crumar, ELKA etc.

Our Resources Are Unprecedented
We have access to the most fruitful sources of parts, meaning your synth has a very low chance of unsuccessful repair due to parts availability. We have the stock of 2 out-of-business repair shops from the 80’s and 90’s and have parts for almost any machine.

We Make Synths Better Than New

While our main focus is to maintain the original integrity of your instrument, we often advise to upgrade certain components to the components we know the design engineer’s would have opted to use if they were available and cost effective at the time of manufacture.

They don’t change the sound at all, but rather bring your synth to a new level of stability only made possible by decades of technological advances in the semiconductor industry. Bringing these new levels of stability to your vintage instruments is critical to incorporating them into your modern production environment.

Rare Is No Problem

Being in Los Angeles means we get to see some of the rarest machines ever put on the market (or often never made it to market). We have experience working on all types of early and rare machines and prototypes such as the ELKA Synthex, early Prophet 5’s, Oberheim 4 & 8 Voice Systems, RA Moog Discrete Minimoogs, Single Manual Prophet 10’s, and many more.

Rob Rosen, head technician, has been repairing keyboards and synthesizers for over a decade in the Los Angeles area. Rob is known worldwide for his work on synthesizers and is a consultant to many other shops in the US and other countries. Besides work on synthesizers, Rob is also a top consultant for sound design and sampling, and has provided sound design and programming for some of the industries top artists. You can hear Rob and his team’s handy work whether it be repairs or sound design every day as you listen to the radio, walk through the grocery store, and even a couple superbowl halftime shows.