Your New Favorite Synth Dealer

After years of great success in the vintage synth restoration business, Rosen Sound is proud to now offer quality synthesizers for sale to the public under the moniker of Rob’s Rare Synths. Alongside dealing in goods, we’re also able to buy your gear whether it’s one piece of gear or an entire collection. 

What’s So Rare?

Simple! Our gear works, actually has the work described performed, and comes with the most killer warranty in the biz. Additionally, you will not deal with unscrupulous characters, and you will have direct contact with the business owner who communicates using his real legal name. Can you imagine wiring thousands of dollars to someone operating under a pseudonym? We can’t either, and we’re here to change the game.

What’s For Sale?

Lot’s! Check out our Reverb store for most gear that’s ready to go. More synths are listed below. If you’re interested in any, simply contact us through our contact page.

All synths in our stock list but not in our reverb store are restored-to-order, however have already had preliminary servicing done to them so we can offer them for sale. This means they’ve been gone through to ensure they can be completed in the lead times provided below and be considered fully restored instruments worthy of their price and our lifetime warranty.

Stock List:
Updated 11/28/19

ARP 2600 W/ Monophonic Keyboard – Grey Face with 4012 Filter. Unit fully restored inside and out. Houses in brand new wood cabinet with original style tolex. Minty minty. 4-6 week lead time. $11,500. $6000 deposit to secure.
EML-101 – Early unit. Has brand new power supply inside. Awesome unit in great shape. $4500. Ready to go.
Korg Mono/Poly – Good condition. Includes tubbutec midi. 2-4 week lead time. $2600. Must be paid in full. SOLD
Moog MemoryMoog + MiniMoog Combo – As seen on Reverb! Both housed in custom matching Zebra Wood cabinets. $20,000. Ready to go.
Moog MemoryMoog Plus – Very good cosmetic condition. 2-4 week lead time. $11,000. $7000 deposit to secure. SOLD
Moog Memorymoog Plus – Unit has been totally rebuilt by owner including all new connectors, pin headers, knobs, capacitors, resistors. As new as new can be. Includes accessories including Moog Song Maker, Pedals, original documentations and more. This is one for the collectors out there. It doesn’t get better than this one. $15,000. Must be paid in full. Short lead time to prep for shipping.
Oberheim OB-8 #1 w/ Page 2 graphics & midi. 2-4 week lead time. $5800. $3000 deposit to secure.
Oberheim OB-8 #2 w/ Page 2 graphics & midi. 2-4 week lead time. $5800. $3000 deposit to secure.
Oberheim OB-8 #3 w/ Page 2 graphics & midi. 2-4 week lead time. $5800. $3000 deposit to secure.
Oberheim OB-8 #4 w/ Page 2 graphics & midi. 2-4 week lead time. $5800. $3000 deposit to secure. SOLD
Oberheim OB-Xa – Great Condition, 8 Voices w/ Encore Midi 3-4 week lead time. $6500. $3500 deposit to secure.
Oberheim OB-X – 8 voices w/ Encore Midi. Cosmetic shape is “good”. Has new walnut sides. $10,500. $8000 deposit to secure.
Oberheim Xpander – Good condition. $4500. Ready to go.
Roland Jupiter-8 – 12 bit w/ Encore Midi. Decent Cosmetic shape – $12,500. Ready to go.
Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 1 – This is a cool and good condition Rev 1 owned by a client of ours who has asked us to help sell it. It worked when it got here and only needed minor and basic services to get up to par. 2-4 week lead time to make sure it’s good to ship. $11,000. $9000 deposit to secure.
Sequential Circuits Prophet 10 – Awesome example of an awesome synth. A true powerhouse machine. Currently needs new badges (buyer can install themselves) otherwise is ready to go. $11,000 SOLD
Sequential Circuits Prophet VS – Needs a bit of work before it’s ready. Will come with new LCD display, new S&H as well. In good cosmetic shape. 2-8 week lead time. $3500. $1500 deposit to secure. SOLD
Sequential Circuits Prophet T8 – Sequential’s flagship Prophet!. Unit is in good cosmetic shape and is ready to go. $8000.
Yamaha CS-50 – Works fantastic and in fantastic cosmetic shape sans a small engraving done by original owners. Great example of an awesome synth. Comes with original lid, legs, and music stand. $4950. 1 week prep time to ship.
Yamaha CS-80 – Awesome example of the true monster of all synths ever made (in my opinion..) and it has midi! Comprehensively restored with all new CMOS, capacitors, and a full clean out of course. Includes lid with all wheels and legs in the original bag. 2-10 week lead time to make sure this is ready to hit the road safely. $25,000. $20,000 deposit to secure.


Below is our B-Stock list. Through our years, we’ve collected some pieces we cannot offer for full value because of strictly cosmetic defects. This means they operate as good as the pieces in our normal stock list, but may have above minor to notable cosmetic defects. These pieces are great for those who want the vintage sound without paying the premiums we are known for. The same warranty applies to these of course.

Oberheim OB-Xa – 8 Voices. The face of this unit is actually very nice, so as long as the rear of this unit is not visible, this unit appears near mint. In it’s past life before we got this machine, the rear of the panel (where the output jacks and power inlet is) has about 9 holes drilled for unknown reasons. The internals with the unit were not modified. Perhaps they wanted crazy CV control, more outputs, midi, etc and simply put the carriage before the horse… The holes are done decently at least, and could be covered by two processes such as epoxy filling or simple black plastic hole covers. $4500 – 4-8 week lead time. $2000 deposit required. SOLD
Juno 106 – The “jam” panel as we call it. Someone scratched the word “jam” into this. We think it should be more expensive because of this awesome word, but alas, here we are. 2-3 week lead time. $1375. Must be paid in full to reserve.
Octave Cat – Non SRM. Scratched up. 3-4 week lead time. $1100. Must be paid in full to reserve




We go absolutely nuts restoring our synths. For most machines, they’re completely stripped down and cleaned out. Following that, each board is inspected and failing or problematic components are replaced for maximum reliability without any detriment to the sound of the unit. Our years of experience restoring these machines has bestowed us the knowledge to know what fails the most, from certain capacitors and resistors, to CMOS and op amps, etc. With that said, we guarantee the synthesizer to be free from work related defects for as long as you own the machine. Not just for 30 days or 3 months like other dealers. If you own it, you’re covered.

Whats not covered is negligence, accidents, and problems related to aging. This is vague, and unfortunately there is no way to draw a hard line on what qualifies as age related and work related issues. This grey area is where we excel in customer service. We stress that this is why it’s important to deal with honest and reasonable people, which we are. We can’t predict the future, and neither can you. Science says even brand new components can fail suddenly. If this is the case for your purchase, we’re happy to help you. If it was something we may have missed, there’s no charge. If it’s something age related or what we call “random acts of science”, you’ll also still be helped, potentially just for the cost of the part, assuming that part doesn’t cost $0.50 like most parts inside synthesizers. 

Want To Sell Us Your Gear?

RRS is well financed to purchase one synth or an entire collection of them. The selling process is simple. Let us know what you have and we will put together a personalized offer for you.

No, we’re not interested in paying full price for the synth you just got fixed somewhere else.